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Today marks the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, the largest battle of the American Civil War. On the same morning that Grant was preparing to defeat Gen. Robert E. Lee and his army in Washington, D.C., Lee began his retreat back to Virginia. After his emphatic defeat at Gettyburg, he began a retreat to Pennsylvania and finished his second attempt to conquer everything, but not before defeat.

With severely limited resources, the Confederacy could not rearm Lee and replace the army's losses. Back in Virginia, Lee was able to patch up what was left of his battered army, but it remained a devastating defensive force.

The vast majority of agriculture in the West needed armies and civilian populations, and the human cost was higher than the South could sustain. Another 6,800 soldiers surrendered in Port Hudson, collectively removing the entire population of Pemberton, North Carolina's largest city and one of the most populous. Add in the loss of 33,000 Pembertons and the total number of people living in South Carolina, Texas and Virginia is 1.5 million.

But what might have been more significant for ending the rebellion was the case of Vicksburg, Mississippi, which occurred on the same day that Lee began his retreat. The battle itself was crucial to the defeat of the Confederate States of America, when Lee's army was weakened by the loss of more than 2,000 soldiers and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of acres of land. For example, Gen. George Pickett's division, which had made the devastating "Pickett indictment," was destroyed on the ground. Despite the unimaginable damage inflicted on the attack troops, the Northern Virginia Army would continue to exist as an offensive military threat that it would never function again.

The purpose was twofold: to ease economic pressure on Virginia, reach Washington, D.C., and end the war. He tried to seize Vicksburg by force but failed and eventually concluded that he had placed his troops in the city on the west side of the river and besieged it.

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