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We spent a day and a half visiting Antietam National Military Park in the early hours of Saturday, July 4th, 2014.

The museum is the place where all other sights are, but there are a few American Civil Wars out of town and battlefields worth visiting. The 715-kilometer (715-mile) national park stretches from Nashville, Tennessee, to Natchez, Mississippi, and is legendary. With some of the most scenic and epic natural landscapes in the country, such as the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Mississippi River, it is the most popular place to visit, and its visitor center can show you routes and most of these scenic tourist attractions. We drove through the park, walked along, stopped on the way and stopped at the museum, the National Historic Landmarks Museum and some other attractions on our way.

The extensive list includes the famous Vicksburg National Military Park, which includes a restored Union gunboat, a Civil War memorial and a number of other historic sites. The park commemorates the Vickburg Campaign and protects the historic buildings and monuments of the US Army Corps of Engineers. A monument erected by the state of Illinois to the 36,325 Illinois soldiers who participated in the "Vicksburgh Campaign" is particularly elaborate. It has a brass plaque commemorating the Illinois soldiers who fought here, as well as a statue of President Abraham Lincoln and other historical figures.

Visitors are encouraged to cruise the mighty Mississippi and enjoy Vicksburg from riverboats that offer a unique vantage point. There are many other attractions in the city, such as the Mississippi River Museum and the Museum of Natural History, but No list of good things to do or see in Jackson is complete without Mississippi's fossilized forest. Before you visit Vickburg, Mississippi, read our guide to the best things to do in Vickburg, Mississippi.

It is very easy to visit Vicksburg as part of your itinerary to other cities in the region, but there are a lot of things to see, do and learn about its history in just one day. Last year we visited it for the first time, saw everything we saw and did and also got to know the history of Vickburg. This museum is highly regarded by previous visitors who recommended it to us and are known for its great exhibits and unique exhibits. The property is 10 miles from our house and we have passed it hundreds of times.

Pamper your time on the road with a stop in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where travelers can gain a better understanding of the Civil War and its history. It is so interesting to drive around the area and see the monuments that have been erected by many states and learn more about them. This is a great place to see sights from the old south and immerse yourself in the history of everything.

This mural is a must for visitors who have visited Vicksburg and a great place to stop for a few hours before your trip.

The Iowa Memorial, don't miss what you get at the monuments in Texas and Alabama. This museum is intended to give an overview of the Vicksburg campaign and the siege of 1863, which lasted 47 days. You can learn more about the fight through an exhibition and an 18-minute orientation film. If you want to learn more about battles in this exhibition or see a lively history show this summer, this is a logical first stop. What led you to Vickersburg and the story behind it you can find out here.

As you drive across the battlefield, you will see a number of monuments, ranging from huge state-erected monuments to smaller monuments to individual military units. From what I've seen, most people miss the Kentucky Memorial, one of the coolest on the battlefield.

It is located west of the Louisiana state border and is famous for being the site of a long siege battle that swung the American Civil War in favor of the North. It was in the southern stronghold of the Confederate Army of South Carolina, one of two Confederate strongholds in South Texas during the Civil War.

The Union victory cut the states of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas off from the rest of the Confederate states, controlled a key supply route and split the Confederacy in two for the duration of that war. Only parts of Savannah and El Paso are truly intact today, but driving through the remains is still a great trip and you get to see some of South Carolina's most famous fortifications, such as Fort Sumter. The Corp took a bend in the river and shortened the Mississippi River by 25% from Memphis, Tennessee, to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This affected the ability of the Confederates to sustain the war effort and the Union's ability to move forward.

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More About Vicksburg